The complete Scientific Program, including all abstracts and Poster Session assignments, can be found here.


Sunday, June 26

   2:00 PM  –   6:00 PM Conference check-in and dorm key pickup (Casas del Rio main building [Jemez])
   6:00 PM  –   9:00 PM Welcome Reception and hosted bar (Casas del Rio Gila/Pecos courtyard)


Monday, June 27

   7:00 AM  –   8:30 AM Conference check-in and breakfast (SMLC foyer)
   8:30 AM  –   8:45 AM Welcome; Opening Remarks, Dr. Patricia A. Henning, Interim Associate Vice President for Research (SMLC Auditorium)
   8:45 AM  –   9:20 AM Special talk: Mel Levy, On variational principles in time-independent density functional theory
   9:20 AM  –   9:30 AM Break

Technical Session I: TDDFT, range-separation, and excited state properties (Chair: Rudy Magyar)


  9:30 AM  –  10:05 AM Carsten Ullrich, Excitons in solids: TDDFT versus many-body perturbation theory
10:05 AM  –  10:40 PM Sivan Refaely-Abramson, Solid-state excitations from density-functional theory
10:40 AM  –  11:00 AM Coffee break (SMLC foyer)
11:00 AM  –  11:35 AM Julien Toulouse, Combining density functional theory and many-body methods
11:35 AM  –  12:10 PM Svetlana Kilina, Theoretical insights into the surface chemistry and its effect on the excited state and its coherent properties in nanomaterials
12:10 PM  –   1:40 PM Lunch (SMLC foyer)

Technical Session II: Algorithms and Methods  (Chair: Jerry Bernholc)


   1:40 PM  –   2:15 PM Roland Assaraf, Computing efficiently energy derivatives in quantum Monte Carlo with multi-determinant expansions
   2:15 PM  –   2:50 PM Deyu Lu, Local representation of the dielectric response: Theory and applications
   2:50 PM  –   4:20 PM Poster Session I and Reception
   4:20 PM  –   4:55 PM Volker Blum, All-electron electronic structure pathway to challenges in molecules, materials and “energy
   4:55 PM  –   5:30 PM Christian Negre, Next-generation quantum based Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics: Towards hundred-thousand atoms over nanoseconds of time evolution
Evening Free
   5:45 PM  –   7:30 PM ES ’16 optional tutorial: Real Space Multigrid (RMG) open source electronic structure code, Version 2.0.
Jerry Bernholc • Emil Briggs • Wenchang Lu • Miro Hodak

RSVP: Emil Briggs, elbriggs .at.
Location: SMLC Room 120. Free pizza will be provided.


Tuesday, June 28

  7:00 AM  –   8:30 AM Conference check-in and breakfast (SMLC foyer)
  8:30 AM  –   9:05 AM Special talk: Marcus Knudson, Dynamic compression experiments on deuterium and their implications for first-principles theory
  9:05 AM  –   9:15 AM Break

Technical Session III: Bridging Length and Time Scales in Complex Materials (Chair: Blas Uberuaga)


  9:15 AM  –   9:50 AM Cormac Toher, Progress in automatic quantum mechanical calculations of materials thermodynamics
  9:50 AM  –  10:25 AM Max Amsler, Materials Genome and structure optimization: Theory and application of structural optimization via minima hopping
10:25 AM  –  10:45 AM Coffee break (SMLC foyer)
10:45 AM  –  11:20 AM Alan Wright, Density-functional theory investigation of point defects in GaAs
11:20 AM  –  11:55 AM Ching-Ming Wei, Quantum Monte Carlo studies of interactions in van der Waals bilayer systems
11:55 AM  –  12:10 PM Workshop photo
12:10 PM  –   1:40 PM Lunch (SMLC foyer)

Technical Session IV: Electronic Ordering and Strong Correlations (Chair: Warren Pickett)


  1:40 PM  –   2:15 PM Hardy Gross, Ultrafast laser-induced demagnetization of solids: Understanding the mechanism with real-time TDDFT
  2:15 PM  –   2:50 PM Julie Staunton, Complex magnetism of lanthanide intermetallics and the role of their valence electrons
  2:50 PM  –   4:20 PM Poster Session II and Coffee
  4:20 PM  –   4:55 PM Jian-Xin Zhu, Electronic correlation effects in plutonium metals and compounds
  4:55 PM  –   5:30 PM Hitesh Changlani, Density-matrix based determination of low-energy model Hamiltonians from ab initio wave functions
  6:00 PM  –  10:00 PM Reception and hosted bar followed by Workshop banquet (Hodgin Hall)


Wednesday, June 29

  7:00 AM  –   8:30 AM Breakfast (SMLC foyer)
  8:30 AM  –   8:45 AM Poster award presentations

Technical Session V: Electronic Structure and Entanglement (Chair: Andrew Baczewski)


  8:45 AM  –   9:20 AM Norm Tubman, Quantum dissection of a covalent bond
  9:20 AM  –   9:55 AM Tao Xiang, Renormalization of tensor network models
  9:55 AM  –  10:25 PM Coffee break (SMLC foyer)

Technical Session VI: Topological Quantum Materials (Chair: Andrew Rappe)


10:25 AM  –  11:00 AM Barry Bradlyn, New Frontiers for Topological Semimetals
11:00 AM  –  11:35 AM Youngkuk Kim, Nonsymmorphic Dirac and double Dirac semimetals
11:35 PM  –  11:50 AM Closing remarks and farewell